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April 1st, 2013

Game night!

Friday night is game night!  It's the boys versus the girls.  Guess who won.  Hehehe

MM Themes: Pink Friday

Well, my crew spent their time on their own hobbies and leisure. Some chose to stay at home while other go on dates or parties.
But for this Friday night, I chose to focus on these three girls.
They have this so called "Pink Friday" or a.k.a. the "Girl's Night", where they do make-overs and feast on sweet cakes and goodies
(and oh, strictly NO boys allowed) *winks*
Round six already?

This month, we chose a lighter theme from February's Heartbreak.

We got a nice and interesting mix of answers!

Here are the submissions for March's Themes: Friday Night.

I wonder what next month's Theme will be...

To be announced soon!