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April 18th, 2013

At Long Last~!

Hi everyone! I'm Indollgence! You guys may call me Richelle or Rizz. :D I'm one of them members who prefer lurking than posting. Hahahaha. This is my very first post! Yay! XD And the reason for my sudden intrusion is my very first BJD's arrival! *throws confetti*

Here she is! My lovely mermaid girl! I named her... Arethusa. Tadaaaa~

Those are the wig and eyes that the seller gave me as gifts. Yep. She's secondhand and she just arrived today! Sooo sorry for the crappy photos hahaha. ^-^; She's a Planetdoll Aqua, btw.. the MSD one, not the tiny. :D

Anw, now that Arethusa's here.. I've got a lot of saving and shopping to do. Got a lot of plans for my girl. But first things first, a faceup!! I've contacted a couple of local artists already. :D Oh and I'm planning to change her wig and eyes as well. :3 Aaand maybe I can join meets someday? We'll see. I'm too shy and awkward but I'd love to make dolly friends!! None of my current friends are in the hobby just yet so yeah. Hahaha. X"D

Okay, my blabbing ends here! Hahahaha. Thanks for reading, guys! Go, MM! XD Hahahahahaha I'm so hyper right now. oTP