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[sticky post] Moving to the Forum!

Hi everyone!

Just a reminder for you all that the forum is now open for membership and a bulk of the discussions are now ongoing there. Eventually, we intend to keep LJ as an archive for our older posts and use the forum for current discussions. We built it to accommodate our HUGE member count now, so really happy about how people have taken to it so far. It's absolutely delightful how people we don't usually notice on the LJ have become more noticeable and active on the forum.

Also, the latest Official Meets and MM Themes have been announced and are being discussed there, too! You'll have to log in to the new community to see the details, keep up to date, and view what's been submitted so far.

Click the picture to proceed to the forum!

We're constantly making improvements to the forum, making little tweaks to the rules and the forum structure and brewing ideas to help everyone enjoy the community. So your comments and suggestions will definitely go far in making our community get better for everyone.