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New to ABJDs? Here Are 10 Things You Should Know!

Welcome to ManikaManila!

This is a Philippine-based community of people with a passion for Asian Ball Jointed Dolls. If you own an ABJD or are interested in buying one, please feel free to join us on the forum! The LiveJournal community will be slowing down in activity and all the latest posts and news have now been moved to the new website.

Don't know what an Asian Ball Jointed Doll is? Feel free to read up on them through this Wikipedia entry.

The ABJD hobby is a complex one. These 10 facts might help you get started out:

1. There are no shops selling Asian Ball Jointed Dolls (ABJDs) in the Philippines. Do not trust people on Multiply who sell ABJDs. Only buy from the manufacturer's online shop.

Here are some of the most popular manufacturers available online:
VOLKS (Japan)
Dream of Doll (Korea)
LUTS (Korea)

2. An ABJD can cost from 300 to over 1,000 US dollars depending on the size and brand. If you're on a budget, you can always buy from Chinese companies or settle for a second-hand doll. It helps to do your research.

Here are some of the popular cheaper manufacturers some of our members have bought from:
Angel of Dream

3. Most BJD online shops require you to have a Paypal account or credit card. Make sure to have these on hand when you decide to buy your own doll. If you don't have one of your own and need someone to help you, only trust friends you know personally or active ManikaManila members who are regulars at meets and can be vouched for by other active members in the community. As much as possible, meet them face to face first before anything else.

4. EMS is the most reliable and affordable method for shipping your doll.

5. Because ABJDs are imported non-commercial goods, they are subject to customs taxes. Always brace yourself when you're expecting a delivery. People in customs know all about our hobby now, so the best thing to do is just be pleasant and polite to the personnel and make sure that the bill they give you is fair and just.

6. Limited edition ABJDs will come with clothes and face-up (the term for doll make-up). Standard editions are usually naked with blank faces. You can also assemble your own ABJD by buying parts from different companies.

7. You can buy different wigs, clothes, shoes and accessories for ABJDs from manufacturer shops or online sellers. From time to time, ManikaManila members might be selling second-hand items or things they have made themselves.

8. RESEARCH! Check out all the doll companies, compare the various models and do not click BUY unless you're absolutely sure it's the one you want.

9. ManikaManila holds regular doll meet-ups. If you're interested in a particular doll that is already owned by someone in the group, going to a meet is the best way for you to check out your dream doll!

Here's a list of all the ABJDs in the Philippines.

10. Do not hesitate ask questions! The forum is the best place for all questions as the MMDA officers and friendly ManikaManila members are sure to help you with your concerns as a first-time doll owner.

You can also check out the guides already posted on our website!

WTB: 10 or 12mm black or dark brown eyes

I'm wondering if anyone has an extra pair of 10 or 12mm black or dark brown eyes that I can take off their hands. Acrylic or glass is fine, so long as they are reasonably priced. Please leave a comment here or send a message to my inbox, thanks!

❤ For My Doll GO ❤

Hello! I am hosting a GO for For My Doll, a website with a wide selection of BJD wigs in various sizes, styles, and colors. Please click the cut for the details of this GO!

GO is currently open! Click the text below if you want to join!

For My Doll GOCollapse )

ManikaManila Themes: April Fools

Themes round seven already?!

Before that though, have you seen the submissions from March?

Last month had some nice variety going on, so make sure to check them out!

Now let's get down to business.

Themes is ManikaManila's way of encouraging more creativity within the community. :D Every month, we'll post a new theme. Members will take this theme and apply it to a photograph. Reply to this post with a link to the photograph, and at the end of the month we'll compile everything into one post on our website (http://www.manikamanila.com).

Here we go!

The theme for April is...

Now it's time for some REAL fun!

This is the first time ManikaManila is celebrating April Fools. How would your dolls prank each other? How would they prank you, maybe? Or maybe you would prank your doll? ;) There's all kinds of possibilities so start thinking of some laughs now!

Excited to see what everyone will come up with!

We'll compile submissions on April 30th, so you may post until then.
Now go out there and start shooting!

More details and some Q&A!Collapse )

[FS] MSD Guitar

Hello everyone! I'm selling an MSD sized electric guitar.


More details here!Collapse )

A Little Shoot by Manila Bay

Hi all! By chance, I was able to take some photos of my girl at the rooftop of Microtel near SM Mall of Asia at Pasay City this morning. It's got a nice, clear view of the bay near MoA and Solaire, so I thought it would be nice to share with you guys outside Manila if you plan to visit someday.



Click here to see the whole photoset!

i need help!!

Hi.... its been a while... well I know this is very out of the topic in this community ... but I know u guys can help me... well I graduated last march 24 and I'm going to college this year....and I want tp be a computer graphic designer but I'm not sure wat it really. Do... I observed dat some of d members hir is a graphic designer (I visited some of their blogs) and I just want to know wat it really means... I can't ask someone. Hir b'cos dey don't know too... and I don't understand the explanation in google.... pls I need help I want to be a graphic designer..haha OUT OF TOPIC BUT IMPORTANT....THANKS...

Cebu Meet Up?

I know this may be a bit too wishful thinking but is there anyone out here that I can meet up with? Anyone planning to come to Cebu who are also bringing their dolls? :-) Let me know if this is possible as I am going back to Australia within a couple of months and I don't know if I can ever meet any doll owners here in the Philippines. >-< hehe. I'll organize this a bit better if there's even anyone who I can meet up with and I will work as fast as I can in setting it up. :-)